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Comfort, Safety and Flow

Light points contribute to comfort, safety and traffic flow. In addition, energy efficiency is a great stimulus for smarter public lighting. It encourages municipalities and road authorities to invest heavily in making public lighting sustainable and reducing energy consumption.

We offer a wide range of services for lighting management and maintenance, and provide expertise and solutions for the challenges of municipalities and road authorities. Our core activities in public lighting consist of management, maintenance and new construction of light points. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the starting point here. This keeps the costs manageable for maximum performance. All with a view to comfort, safety and flow for road users and local residents.


Comfort, safety and flow are increasingly benefiting from further optimization through integrated control of traffic and lighting solutions in public spaces. We naturally innovate in both disciplines and are therefore prepared for guiding traffic flows with light and the city management of the future.


Light Management
Bronckhorst,  Netherlands

For the municipality of Bronckhorst we have chosen the Interact City light management system in collaboration with Signify, which makes it possible to program and read out the LED lighting remotely. The integration of Interact City makes it possible to determine the light intensity at both mast and street level. In this way, the wishes of residents can be anticipated and each situation can be assessed individually. In addition, malfunctions can be automatically recognized and reported at an early stage, so that they can be solved immediately, without the intervention of a resident or other stakeholder.

Professional and Sustainable

We want to take over the management of public space for you – in a professional and sustainable way.

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Central Service Desk

Online customer portal, always nearby, safety & livability

We have a central point where we manage all work orders, planning and control of our service technicians. Our Central Service Desk (CSD) handles all failures and damages for maintenance work in the Netherlands for public lighting and traffic control systems.

This makes our maintenance work more efficient and ensures that the malfunction is resolved more quickly. We resolve all reports as quickly as possible to ensure the safety and quality of life.

Traffic Engineer working at traffic controller / intersection